Peter Zieve Believes In Social Commitments

Born in Milwaukee Wisconsin in the year 1954, Peter Zieve was a hard working person, having a dream to start his own business and to succeed. After his degree in Mechanical Engineering in the year 1976 from MIT, Peter started his own business unit EFB for a brief time. But he wanted to do Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and he went to graduate School of Washington University. While doing Ph.D., he invented an Electromagnetic Riveter which is of low voltage and which has become part of his larger business plan.

Best employer of Mulileto

Peter Zieve founded his company at Mukilteo, Seattle and named it as Electroimpact, Inc. he had started the company in 1993, with the help of SBA loan. But today, the company is one of the most successful companies in Mukilteo, Settles. The company is huge and has around 600 employees. Even the budget of the company is 6 times bigger than the budget of entire city but Peter not only manages it well but he treats his employees as his family members. Most of his employees are happily working and are highly satisfied. He understands the people around him and always appreciates their involvement in the life.  He has offered facilities to his employees in terms of better working facilities, medical allowances, paid holidays with families and many other features which make the company popular among his employees and also the clients. His son Michael has joined him while running the company and looks after Electroimpact, Inc. as a Vice President.

Being socially active, Peter has always promoted community services. He always believes in offering back to the community. He offers various services to the people in terms of children related activities, youth-related programs and also offers additional help to the old and aged people in the community.

There is a huge support for Peter from the local residents from all walks of life. Young and old, poor and rich are promoting his campaign in the Council election. When Peter campaigns from door to door, meeting the people and asking them for the support, most of the citizens come out to greet him and offer their complete support.

Believes in social commitments

Mukileto is one of the rapidly growing cities with highly active and committed community. The picturesque atmosphere of the city is well-established with artistically designed houses which have long green passages and beautifully designed doors. Most of the citizens are in contact with Peter Zieve, who believes in social commitments. He is aware of every problem that the people of Mukileto face in terms of increased taxes which includes Sales tax and Property tax. He feels that the unnecessary increase in the taxes should be cut-down immediately. Also, he wants to build community centers and playgrounds for the children and which can help the children in extending their abilities in the fast-moving world.

Apart from Politics, Peter is well aware of the increasing crime rate of the city and has always shown concern regarding it. He has many plans and well-organized services to offer which can certainly change the face of the city and can make the atmosphere safe secured and joyful.

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