Major Reasons – Why Is Your Air Conditioner Not Cooling?

Well, the summer is here which means back to sweaty days and uncomfortable nights. That won’t be the case if you have an AC installed. Okay, hold on. Why your air conditioner is spewing out warm air instead of cooling the room? What could have possibly gone wrong? Should you inspect it yourself or call in the professionals?

Well, the latter would be preferable as they will be well acquainted with the issues an AC might meet during its working life. After you call in the professionals, they might figure out any of the following issues with your AC. Read on for more details about the possible reasons why an AC might stop cooling your room properly:

Clogged Air Filters Can Cause Mayhem

Whether you are using a split AC or a window AC, chances are really high that it has stopped cooling your home or office properly because of clogged air filters. Clogged air filters hinder smooth airflow. This often fools the thermostat mechanism in the appliance that the temperature is well within the set degrees. It results in inefficient cooling that ultimately makes the user feel warm even when the AC is running.

External Unit Needs Immediate Attention

A typical AC consists of two separate units – internal and external. You often take care of the internal unit, bravo! What about the external unit? When was the last time you called in the professionals to make sure that the outlet of the external unit is free from obstructions?

A clogged eternal unit will hinder efficient heat transfer that will lead to inefficient cooling. Call in the professionals after every two to three months and get the external unit cleaned for best results.

In Case There Is An Issue With The Fan Motor

The outdoor unit dissipates heat from the system with the help of a fan. In case the motor of this fan is faulty, the system will be unable to get rid of the trapped heat. This will ultimately result in the dropping of the cooling ability of the system. If left unchecked for extended periods of time, it can also lead to further complications like issues with the compressor unit.

If The Refrigerant Level Is Low

The refrigerant is the most important component in your Air Conditioner. It absorbs heat from the surrounding air thereby causing the ambient air of a room or a building to cool down.

If the refrigerant level of your AC is below the recommended limit, it can cause your AC to not function properly. Low levels of refrigerants can result from the same leaking out of the external unit. This is where you should call in the professionals and get the equipment inspected. How can you be sure that the refrigerant is leaking? Well, if you hear a continual hissing sound or something that resembles bubbling you can be assured that refrigerant is leaking.

After all that is said and done, one should always keep this in mind that ACs are, at the end of the day, electromechanical equipment. It means periodic maintenance, after every three months to be precise, of your AC is required, in order for the same to use efficiently. While conducting an inspection, never forget to ask the professionals to inspect both the outer as well as an inner unit for best results.

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