Know Some Best Tips To Fix Network Problem On Your Computer

To have a good computer does not mean you will never face a problem with it. You need to keep upgrading software’s and updating the necessary programs to make sure it runs smoothly. However, with Smartphone’s and computers that has become an integral part of everyone’s life these days; it is quite obvious that internet is one prime reason behind it. Say whether a Wi-Fi or a broadband, people’s life literally depends on it. And when there is any network error that takes place while connecting to the Wi-Fi then we all know how annoying it becomes. For those people who have been facing such problems, here are some quick tips that might help.

Restarting the Device is the first thing:

Every technology and gadget that we are gifted with certainly is the best thing but it may come cross some problem and dealing with network issues is one of them. With some common tech problems that are likely to come, it is better that you try to reboot the device. By trying out to power cycle your mobile or computer, it may sometimes be able to get a regular network again. If it is a phone, you need to switch it off and then remove the battery and later replace it and again restart. If it is a computer you need to restart it completely and wait for some time to get the network back.

Reconnecting is another Good method:

Often people consider that if there is a network problem it means there is some device issue. But sometimes, the network can go from the provider side as well. There can be a situation when your computer or phone might want to retain the IP address from other connection and apply to the current one. That is fine if the address is same but if not, then you need to turn off your Wi-Fi and follow the steps:

  • Tap on the setting of the menu screen
  • Select wireless and network and click on Wi-Fi setting
  • Uncheck the Wi-Fi settings or turn it off and wait for 30 seconds
  • Restart it again and you might even get the connection back

Forget the network

If the above steps still don’t work then this might certainly work. When the network gets disconnected and is not able to connect on own, a message pops up asking when you want to forget the network. You can try doing that and then again add it on the computer or phone. If there is a good range to your Wi-Fi then sometimes, this message may not come. That is why, you need to be little far from the Wi-Fi range. These are some of the computer basics! Basic troubleshooting technique, which you must understand and adhere when there is such problem.

Now that you are pretty much clear with how to deal with your Wi-Fi Network make sure you follow the above process if you face any problem next time. There is no hard and fast rule but you need to be quick and active to deal with such problem. With the above tips, the problem can be solved for time being but that does not mean it won’t happen again. So take proper measures and be sure to fix the problem soon after you detect it.

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