If I Slipped On Something At A London Underground Station Can I Make A Claim?

If you have slipped and injured yourself on the London Underground, then you have the legal right to make a claim for compensation. Whether you have been injured at Marble Arch or Kilburn, your rights to make a claim for financial compensation remain the same.

Accidents on London Underground are common and slips, trips and falls are the most common accident types. Slipping is particularly common, because the London Underground has over a million people pass through every day and people tend to spill their beverages or their food on the floor. This is not always cleaned up quickly, and as a result there is almost always a lack of signage to warn commuters of the hazard.

Who will my accident claim be against?

Who is responsible for cleaning up spillages on the London Underground? Either Transport for London, the local council or a private company employed by the council. This is an important fact to ascertain, because who was responsible for cleaning duties when you slipped will be who you make a claim against. For example, if you slipped on your way to work and a private company was employed to keep the Tube clean at the time, then your claim will be against the private company who failed in their duties.

Adequate signage has a big part to play when making such a claim. Health and safety regulations state that adequate signage must be placed where there is a hazard. If there were no signs to warn you of a spillage on the floor, then you are naturally in no way to blame for your accident. If there was signage and you did not see it, then it may be tougher to bring a claim forward, however a solicitor specialising in your type of accident will know how to win such a case and they will advise you on the best move forward.

Your eligibility to make a personal injury claim

You have three years from the date you slipped and were injured on the London Underground to bring your claim forward. After three years, your personal injury claim will be statute barred or time-barred. So if you were injured a few years ago, it’s vital that you seek legal advice as soon as possible. To this end, it’s also important to remember that while it is your legal right to make a claim for compensation if you have been injured through no fault of your own, you actually have to make a claim to get compensation. If you wait too long, you might miss your chance and lose out on thousands of pounds.

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