Don’t Pick Icons Haphazardly For Your Platform

Whether you use networking websites, hosting platforms, search engines or any other online site, you can find plenty of icons scattered therein.  Where icons do wonders for some website and web platforms; they end up in ruining the existence of some websites too. The productivity of icons depends on your usage of them. If you are using them in a clumsy manner, you should not expect much from them.

You can certainly do web development icons free download but what about their right usage? Do you think that you can randomly use icons and find great outcomes? Come on, don’t think crap. You can make the most of your icons only if they are compatible with your platform and your audience. You have to think about different aspects before you dive into the installation of icons. So, following are some points that can help you in your icon moves.

Don’t Use Icons Unnecessarily

It is important that you use icons only if they are needed. Don’t cram your online platform with icons just because you want them. Unnecessary icons will only confuse your visitors and leave them disappointed. What is the point if your page has less content and more icons? So, play with icons but with brain.

Your Icons should tell a story

Make sure that your icons are telling a story to your visitors. Icons are there because you want them to denote a story. It is not at all worthy if you have icons that have no information. For example, your icons will surely do wonders if you use them in an informative manner. Just pick an icon that is suitable with your new product. Install it right next to the text content of that product and it will definitely steal the attention of visitors.

Classy and Attractive

Of course, icons are so popular because of their aesthetic and classic looks too. Many companies are using icons in an informative manner but the icons they have picked for their platforms are extremely classy and attractive. If you are scrolling down their web pages, your sight will surely get stuck on those icons. So, it is great if you pick icons that are aesthetically influential. If your icons are not good looking, they might drag you down. So, give proper attention to your icons.

Don’t Embrace Complexity

If you think that your icons will fetch you more if they are complex in their nature then you are misunderstood. If your icons are complicated and are not getting recognized by the visitors readily, they will keep your consumers away from you. So, just pick only those icons that are simple and can be recognized easily. Now, if you go through a product and you fail to understand its usage; you will surely shun it with a frown expression right? Similarly, if someone goes through your web platform and sees an icon that is complicated and beyond his understanding, he would feel disappointed only.


So, it is high time that you pick icons carefully. If you are installing web development icons on your platform, keep in mind the discussed points and you will end up with better outcomes.


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