A Complete Insider To The Concept Of Hot Foiling

If you aim is to a render a touch of true luxury and exquisiteness to your designs, then hot foil stamping is a worth an investment. Whether it is the wedding invitation card or your business card, a layer of foil applied by the process of foiling will add a new dimension to a piece of paper in terms of authenticity. This can be done either by the use of a professional air-powered machine or manually via, here; the former is the best option if the product is in bulk. What you get is truly stunning, the metallic foil brings out of the striking detailing of the design.

The Origin of Hot Foiling

The origin of the hot foil dies; take us back to the time when the printing press was a booming industry throughout Europe, during the late 18th and the entire 19th century. The book covers with stylish metallic foiling during that time was explosively popular. And in fact, you would peep in the history to find the book with gold leaf foiling enfolded with leather cases to enhance the reading experiences. The procedure of foiling was united with beveling which renders an enhancing raised impression on the surface of the book cover.

Today’s Foiling Industry Scenario

Nowadays, the global foiling industry doesn’t make use of the real gold leaf for timeless hot foil dies, typically because it is an inexpensive option. Therefore, aren’t popular for wedding cards and business booklets. Today, metallic foils crafted out of cheaper material like the Aluminum or the Tin, mingled with a colour layer has a strong following, by virtue of the ability to produce desired results at affordable prices. Additionally, the professional of this industry also finds it relatively easy to implement any design with great precision. And, what’s more, they can offer you a wide range of colour and design choices. The options are endless; even you can create a rainbow effect on your wedding cards, and that too within your monetary means.

Even though you might say that the foiling is just like an added expense to standard printing if you want some striking appeal, then, it is a value for money. So, on the whole, we can say the product will have a luxurious while being relatively economical on your money pocket.

Today, you can easily notice, the idea of adding more details through the process of foiling, is common everywhere, right from the packaging industry to stationery goods. It is sure-for means to more look and feel of any product.

How Does Foiling Work?

Foiling can be easy for commercial purposes with the use of advanced pneumatic tools and equipment, whereas, for home use, can be done manually. There is manual equipment for the low volume printing.

At the end of it all, find a trusted hot foil dies company if you wish your product could that expensive feel and look. Conduct a background check of your prospective company, and read online reviews before you ink a deal.

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