3 Things To Consider When Buying Your Beach Towels

Beach towel – one of the most revered accessories. Have you ever gone to the beach or the pool without it? There is no place to lie, there is no way to dry, and if you find a place clean enough to lie, it is probably too hot to feel comfortable. Without a good towel, the quality of your trip goes down, but finding the perfect beach towel is easier said than done. You should think about three things when deciding which towel suits you. Design, material and size.


What do I want my beach towel to say about me?

Which towel design is right for you? Are you in a daring mood or prefer something more traditional, like bare towels? Do you want something personalized with your name and your favorite team? You can even get your own photo or your own monogram talking on the towel you choose. Choose the towel that best represents you and remember, your creativity is the only limit.


What material should your beach towel be?

100% cotton is the most common material used for making beach towels. Towels made from 100% cotton tend to be thinner and slightly rougher, but this allows these towels to dry quickly and take up less space when packing. You can’t go wrong with some 100% cotton towels. This towel is recommended, in particular, if you buy it for a trip or you will use it a lot.

Egyptian cotton is a cotton cadillac. It is obvious that cotton comes from Egypt and, as you know, it is more durable and durable than other cotton fabrics. Egyptian cotton towels are usually thicker and slightly softer to the touch. On the negative side, with the quality comes the cost and size. This towel will cost more than other beach towels made from other materials, and will also take up more space when packing and will be slightly heavier. Since this material is thicker and has more fibers, it also takes longer to dry.

Cotton velvet is another option to take material from your towel. Cotton velvet towels are tightly woven and therefore seem much softer to the touch. The disadvantage is that there are more fibers per square inch, so they not only take up most of the space, but also take longer to dry. This beach towel is perfect if you want to use it to place it due to its subtlety and softness. Knowing the quality of your toweling material is fundamental to choosing the right towel for you.

The size

Need a large or small pool towel?

Finally, you need to decide what size of towel you want. There are several reasons why a beach towel or pool should be the right size. If the sand or chair in your pool is hot, then you are limited to the area that the beach towel covers, so you should make sure that the towel covers an area large enough for you to lie down. There are large beach towels. I am strangely tall, so most of the time I have to wear a shirt to extend the length of my towel.

I hope now that you will see different towels and find your towels here, understand the difference in prices and can choose which towel is perfect for you and your needs.

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