Relaxin Hormone And Its Effect On Pregnancy

The relaxin hormone is present in a female body in less quantity when she is not pregnant.  The amount of relaxin hormone increases once a woman becomes pregnant and it is highest in the first trimester.  The contraction of the uterus is controlled by the relaxing hormone and in the first trimester, it helps the placenta to grow and prevent premature birth.  The cardiovascular activities of a pregnant woman and her renal system faces extra pressure and relaxin hormone help the two systems to become more adaptive towards the changes during pregnancy.

In the advanced stages of pregnancy, the relaxin hormone helps to rapture the membrane which surrounds the fetus and prepares the birth canal for delivery by relaxing the tissues of the vagina and the cervix. The muscles of the uterus also become relaxed due to the effects of relaxin hormone. The relaxing hormone is also responsible for loosening the ligaments of the hips knees and ankles which causes inflammation and pain in those regions during pregnancy and can persist after childbirth also.

Effects of excess secretion of relaxin hormone

  • The excess secretion of relaxin hormone can be related to can the premature birth of the baby because the fetal membranes rapture too fast and the cervix also opens prematurely. Therefore it is very important to know when relaxin peaks during pregnancy. The pregnancy can become very painful for the mother due to Excess secretion of relaxin hormone.
  • As relaxin is responsible for loosening the ligaments, the excess secretion can also lose the spinal ligaments which can be responsible for severe back pain and posture instability.
  • The pelvic griddle which supports the leg and hip joints can also be affected due to the excess secretion of relaxin hormone. Ligaments of the pelvic griddle become loose and severe pelvic griddle pain is experienced by the pregnant lady.
  • The excess secretion of relaxin hormone can be responsible for the increased risk of injuries.  The muscles are overstretched which make the pregnant women more susceptible to falls. The right kind of exercise which controls the loose ligaments must be done in order to minimize the effect of relaxing on the ligaments.

In the first trimester as well as in the third trimester when the secretion of relaxin hormone reaches its peak, You should take care of yourself and become more conscious about your movement which will help you to prevent falls and getting other injuries.

Effects of less secretion of relaxin hormone

The less secretion of relaxin hormone during pregnancy can lead to a skin disorder named scleroderma. The skin of a pregnant woman becomes thick and also hard due to the low level of relaxin Hormone in the body.  Fibrosis develops on the skin and also affects the stomach, blood vessels and lungs of a pregnant woman. These conditions are complicated and need to be treated immediately for safely delivering the baby. So it is very important to understand when does relaxin peak during pregnancy.

How relaxin secretion can be controlled

In the human body, it is very difficult to control the relaxing hormone.  The relaxing hormone is generated in the ovary during the cycle of menstruation. The luteinizing hormone secreted from the pituitary gland stimulates the secretion of relaxin hormone. This Complex procedure prevents the processes to control the secretion of relaxin hormone in the human body.

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