If I Don’t Like My Compensation Lawyer Can I Change?

If you don’t like your compensation lawyer, you have two options.

The first option is to switch to a different lawyer in the same law firm. This is the simplest option available to you. Although these solicitors may work at the same practice they are obviously two different people.

The second option is to switch to a different lawyer at a different law firm. This is an option if you are unhappy with the overall service being provided to you, and it ensures you will have no further contact with the lawyer you don’t like.

With both options, however, there is the issue of who’s going to pay your previous lawyer’s fees because you will have racked up a legal bill. The good news is it’s very rare for you to have to pay these fees out of your own pocket. The reason for this, is that your old and new solicitors will communicate with one another and a binding promise will be agreed, stipulating that upon the success of the case, your previous solicitor will be able to reclaim their costs. This will be achieved one of two ways. Either the costs will be reclaimed from your compensation pay-out, or the other side will pay them. The latter option is preferable, because it means you will see more of your compensation.

Of course, there’s also the option of sticking with your current solicitor because even though you may not like them as a person, that doesn’t detract from the fact that they are good at what they do and they will do their very best to win your case. Plus, the amount of contact you will have with your solicitor will be minimal anyway. Aside from your initial interview and a couple of phone calls offering updates, you won’t be speaking to them too frequently. Everything will be taken care of for you. Your involvement will be minimal.

If you still wish to choose new lawyers for compensation, then you should approach switching lawyers in a professional manner. Your lawyer will not ask you questions about why you want to switch, except if they feel they have let you down, and they will not take such a decision personally. After all, law is a profession. If your claim is taking too long to be processed or your lawyer is advising you to take less than you feel you are entitled to, these are good reasons to switch. Your reason to switch should never, ever be personal, and the process of switching to a new lawyer is simpler than you think. In the end, it’s simply all about your old and new lawyer communicating with one another effectively.

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