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Almost all business owners, small or big, have one common question to ask themselves, and that is what could be the best strategy they could employ, to spend the minimum amount on marketing and get the maximum return?  Briar P Carr is the person who could guide you with this and recommend to you the best possible strategies of marketing that will be most suited to your needs. He is the advisor for Business and Brand Development, is a builder of marketing and sales assets for the growth and development of a company and specializes in Digital and Traditional marketing.

Most people, from their limited knowledge and understanding of marketing techniques would answer the above asked question by saying, “it depends”. But that is not right. There are some pointers pertaining to marketing strategies which when followed closely will surely help a business owner achieve the desired results.

Briar P Carr from Naples, Italy, the owner of Brian Carr Services, and a founding member of the Grid website is an expert in strategic partnerships. His blogs reveal his extensive knowledge about the various strategies of marketing and how they can be helpful in setting up a successful business. His expertise in brand development is something that attracts attention.

Having strategies for marketing is an essential exercise to be able to meet the daily changes and challenges that keep trending. For any strategy to be lucrative it should be preceded by research, analysis and a careful understanding of what kind of resources are available with the company and the opportunities that are available in the market.

The key things that a marketing strategy reveals about the company include – a broad image of the business, the target audience of the company, keeps focus on the marketing budget, also the development of a schedule in order to catch up with the buyers. A properly sketched out marketing strategy takes time to create, adheres to immediate goals as well as plans for quick growth of the company.

The effective strategies of marketing involve:

  1. Developing the brand and message – the brand of the company is the most important tool for marketing, because it is the face of the business; and as they say “first impression is the last impression”, it is therefore the most important aspect of marketing.
  2. Auditing the current program – it is basically the discovery of the wasted money and resources of the company; in short, it is a review of all the efforts of the business owner.
  3. Evaluating competition – you should never underestimate your contemporaries, you should be able to figure out who your competition is and how is he/she better. Based on this you need to plan your strategy.
  4. Finding out low cost options – often owners overlook the lost cost options that are already available to them easily; you need to recognize it and efficiently utilize them.

Finally, one strategy that should be your most basic step is to draw up a 1 to 5 year business plan, this proves to be the most fool-proof plan and this is how you will get to know your business inside out.

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