Advices Provided By Expert Redundancy Lawyers

There may be a situation where both employee and employer may have to face a testing time. It is then that one may need the services of expert redundancy solicitors. They will give advices that could serve the purpose of an amicable settlement where both the sides can be benefitted.

What They Actually Do

These solicitors will provide valuable suggestions so that the procedure of redundancy while acting lawfully is fair and payment in lieu of notice period is made to the employee served with a termination notice. From negotiating with both the employer and employee, these solicitors will draft a settlement agreement to avoid any litigation proceedings by the employee.

Expert Consultation

Through redundancy consultation, an employer will be called for negotiating with redundant employees through interacting with them in meetings to discuss individual problems. Assistance will be provided by the redundancy solicitors for providing advice in quick time where an employee has already received the settlement and has been given a deadline.


Comprehensive and clear advice will be given by them on:

  •         The legal claims that the employee has been asked by the employer to waive
  •         Outlining the specific terms incorporated in the settlement agreement
  •         Advice on the legal options that are available

Besides these services, they will negotiate on behalf of an employee with the employer on:

  •         Amount of settlement offer which has been asked to be waived
  •         Negotiations on clauses for non derogatory remarks and other types of protections that are open
  •         Reference for jobs

Expert advice will be given to an employee to start negotiating confidentiality with the employer to find out ways that could be beneficial to both the parties. Advice will also be provided on complex issues that may be unresolved. There may be circumstances where an employee happens to claim some extra payment in order to give consent o the proposed terms in the settlement agreement. This offer may be accepted by the employer if found beneficial to the business, or may even reject it. The redundancy solicitors may have a crucial role to play through advising both the parties on the best possible ways to reach a memorandum of understanding which may be mutually acceptable.

Prompt service

Prompt services will be provided by these redundancy lawyers to employees on their legal rights and contractual and statutory entitlements. They will also advise on issues on rejecting the proposal of redundancy and challenge the causes cited for redundancy. In case you are an employee being served with redundancy notice, you will receive the best consultation on your legal rights and other services for protecting you. They will ensure that you get your legal rights settled which may include shared values and bonuses, so that you are not at  loss after losing employment.

You will find these redundancy solicitors well versed with the laws governing employment and having years of experience, providing the best solution to problems arising out of redundancy. To find out competent legal professionals providing services in Redundancy Law, you can search the internet and study their profiles.

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