MegriSoft Employees Beware – Really Urgent

MegriSoft Employees Beware – Really Urgent

It is very important that this post reaches each and every employee of MegriSoft in every unit everywhere. There are teams of Income Tax people here. They have closed all lines of communication, switched off the office cameras and are targeting employees specially staff who are related to Baddi Unit or are old employees or in high salary bracket. So refuse you know about anyone at all, donot disclose your really salary as they seem to be interested in harming employees and finally taxing them. They are very harsh on IT employees and trying to force out information or put words into our mouth. If anyone is saying they know anything about Baddi Unit they are making sure that employee is confined in office itself and will not be allowed to leave office.

Beware and with hold information. They first sugar coat the questions and then pounce. Make everyone aware they are targeting us we the poor employees. Make everyone aware and keep each one updated. Donot give any correct information about Baddi or your salaries as they plan to keep us in here as captives.

God save us all.

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2 thoughts on “MegriSoft Employees Beware – Really Urgent

  1. Sweetie

    It was a very horrifying moment, never expected that these public servants harass the life of common man in such a reluctant manner. All employees were very scared. These public servants were very non co-operative. Female employees were detained very badly and the irony was there was no female constable present at that moment.

  2. Its Horrible

    I was really scared and still feeling same 🙁 because of income tax peoples asking me unusual questions and pressurize me to accept things.

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